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This past week has been a whirlwind of events--I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that its already Saturday! hehe.

The highlight of my week was the annual hospital benefit rummage sale on Friday. I look forward to this day months in advance; my calendar is clear that day (at least, the first half of the day ;)--I've even skipped class in the past if it gets in the way of this! (Not this year though; I don't have any Friday classes. :) I got there bright and early after making the requisite stop at Starbucks for some caffine. Although I had a bit of a wait before it opened, I met some nice people also waiting in line. We chatted for awhile, exchanged our favorite finds stories and such. Once the gate opened, I rushed in and headed straight for the jewelry counter. Every year I wait and do the shoes first, but I decided this year that shoes weren't top priority (especially since Ross has been yeilding so many footwear goodies). I scored some very nice gold tone bracelets and a cute long chain necklace as well as a set of rhinestone pins.
mish-mash of vintage fabrics
Next was the "antiques" section. I picked up a stack of 12 mid-1920s craft/needlework magazines for $10. I spied them and knew right away what I had in my hands. Throw in a $5 vintage Royal typewriter (that still works, but I just wanted it as a decorative element) and three vintage fur pelts, and I was satisfied. There I ran into a young woman who was trying on the cutest hats. We got to talking and she told me she is friends with the woman who runs The Vintage Vault and they like to do all day thrifting excursions from time to time. She bought the cutest 1960s white fur felt cloche. Gosh, I wish I could wear hats like that, but I look horrible. ;) lol.

I wandered over to the fabric at that point and filled up a little bag of "scraps". Lots of fun wool and wool blends for more stuffies and a couple of neato vintage prints. I also picked up my requisite length of vintage lace (I always get some sort of vintage lace at the rummage sale). Then it was onto the clothes where I picked up an insane number of 1980s batwing wool jersey dresses. I'm in love with those things. I think I might alter a few: reshape the necklines and shorten them just to update them a bit. :) I also got some cute jackets and a few summery skirts to wear with tank tops. (I need to photograph those a few other of my recent thrift finds--I got some seriously cool stuff! ;) lol!)
1920s needlepoint magazines 01
At that point, I ran all my stuff out to my car--two trips!! :D I was so glad I had gotten a spot close to one of the exits. That typewriter was heavier than I thought. ;) When I went back in, I ran into a friend from school. He and I wandered to some of the out buildings where they have all the electronics and sporting equipment. I've never really checked any of those out, but I'm glad I did this year. While we were digging through all the old, broken cameras (and finding a lot of those silly, brightly colored "sport" cameras from the 1990s--hehe brought back memories! ;), I found a $1 Polaroid camera with the manual. I've been keeping my eye open for one of those lately since I love what some photographers are doing with Poloaroid film lately. I think it must be a generational thing, the concept of using a rather low-tech tool in such a high tech age, because the guy I bought it from and my parents were like: why? ;) My friend however, totally understood the attraction. Helps to have other artsy friends my age. lol.

So with my haul in tow, I went home to crash and look through all my treasures. *sigh* I love it: all this for under $75! Life can have a spot of sunshine admist the gloom. :)

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