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Wow. My blog hits have been off the charts the last two days, and I finally got to the bottom of it! Tricia Royal (of my absolutely favoritest fashion blog ever; Bits and Bobbins) featured me in her weekly roundup of Wardrobe Remix favorites! Thank you, Tricia!! If you haven’t ever visited Wardrobe Remix, you really should... I am constantly amazed and inspired by the creativity people put into their outfits. Lots of great ideas for incorporating your style and personality into your daily look. I just love that so many people are thinking outside the trend box when it comes to fashion, and Wardrobe Remix is a great gathering place for this!

[ As a side note: if you've stumbled on my blog from Tricia's site: welcome!! Feel free to just jump right in a comment away! ]

they are cropping up at an alarming rate!

Eek! All my brown acorn badges have sold out and there is only one Squirrels in Scarves pin left!! I totally did not foresee this happening! After much thought, I decied that due to the demand I’m going to continue offering the acorns and squirrels for a short time longer. So if you missed the first run of the pins, there is still a chance to get one (or two!!); they’ll most likely be added over the new few days to my Shoppe. Thank you all so much for giving the first batches good homes!

Lastly, I just was reminded that I still haven’t announced the winner of the gift tag give-away! I’m so sorry; between flying out to California and coming home sick, it totally slipped my mind! The winner of the tags is...

Congratulations!! I’ll be contacting you shortly for all the pertinent mailing information and such. I hope you’ll enjoy them! And, I am in the midst of cooking up ideas for a autumn give-away, so stay tuned...

end papers

Last week was an awesome mail-week for me! I not only got both the Toast catalogs I ordered (ohmygosh!! so much inspiration!!), but the auction catalog for the Tasha Tudor Heritage Collection. Talk about drop-dead-gorgeous. Its not cheap, but I am so glad Mom and I decided to pitch in and buy it because it is just that yummy! Loads of 1800-1830’s garments (women and men), with a few 18th century to later 19th century pieces. But my favorite part of the catalog has to be the end papers (pictured above). I just adore early 19th century printed cottons. Gorgeous!

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow with the Vintage Monday feature!!

cheers & creativity,
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j said...

Hi: I found you through the links on somebody's blog- though not wardrobe remix (I'll have to go check that out now).

I can't remember whose blog, but if I do, I'll leave you a comment.

I think I read that you were homeschooled; we are homeschoolers, too.

My daughter designs and makes jewelry, particularly earrings. She's looking into starting a small business.

I enjoy sewing, especially vintage clothing, and I like designing children's clothes. I added you to my blog feeds a couple of days ago. Anybody blogger who owns a dress form is worth reading. :)

tricia of bitsandbobbins.com said...

you are so welcome. i am delighted to hear that posting your photo (and the the link to your blog) brought mucho people your way. deservedly, of course. :) it always delights me when i hear that sort of thing.

and that photo...and you...so amazing. couldn't NOT post it. :P

Marjorie said...

Oh yes!! I've been drooling over my little copy of the Tasha Tudor catalogue since it arrived last week! I looooove it!! : )

Congrats on all your sales! :)

casey said...

Tricia: Thank you *so much* again!!

Marjorie: isn't that catalog just amazing?! I've been carrying it around with me all weekend like its some precious treasure. lol. ;)

Kelly said...

Oh wow, thank you Casey! I can't wait to receive the tags!

Congratulations on the business going so well! You deserve it - such a hard-working little entreprenuer. I can't wait to see where things go from here.

Paul said...


Thank you

Paul Zinkievich