:: my first feature & shoppe update! ::

my first feature!!!

I am delighted to announce that my work has been featured in the lovely Vintage Indie blog! I am bouncing off the walls right now! lol. A big thank you to both G. who writes VI for featuring my shop, and all the lovely people who I have had the pleasure of doing business with. You all are making my dream possible--thank you!

new additions to the shoppe!

In other, shoppe-related news: there is a wee update in the Shoppe of whale pins! I blame it on Dad recently rewatching a family-favorite: Moby Dick, because I was suddenly seized by the need to make blue and white whale pins! So check them out before they all swim away!

Speaking of whales, ships and the romance of the old sea-faring life, I was sifting through my collection of vintage National Geographics the other day and lit upon this:

a sailor's life for me...

Isn’t the cover lovely?! All those tall mast ships are just gorgeous (and oddly enough, this issue also has a feature on whales...); I almost want to tear the cover off and pin it up to my inspiration board. I almost went to a tall ships festival when I was out in California, but unfortunately by that time I was feeling quite ill, so we skipped that. *sigh* At least the day before I could stand on the beach and watch the tall ships (and little sail boats!) coming into the port. Lovely.

whimsical days & silliness

I also have a small announcement to make about this blog. Because of my increasingly dissatisfaction with the limitations of Blogger, I’ve decided to move over to Wordpress. I’ve imported all my entries from here, so you’ll still be able to find my archives (as well as now being able to use the handy-dandy search tool). I’ll continue posting here in conjunction for a week or so, just so that everyone can adjust their feeds and such.

ETA: Here's the link to the Wordpress blog! Oops--forgot to add that first time 'round!

I have an exciting find to share with you all, but I’m keeping it until tomorrow! Until then, have a lovely Tuesday evening!

cheers & creativity,
    ♥ casey [ email me ]

p.s. my outfit was inspired by the talented and whimsically-inclined Marjorie (this painting specifically)! Click on the thumbnail for more details on my Flickr page.


marmielu said...

OOH! So exciting about VI! I hopped over there, and found lots of beautiful things to look at - A nice thing after a very challenging day. Those whales are very cute!!

sulu-design said...

Congratulations on the feature. I'm off now to ad your new home to my bloglines roll. I'm glad to follow you there!

Sam said...


oh man. i can't handle my excitement.

marjorie said...

oh! How lovely!! Congrats on your feature!! :) And the whales are so cute!! And LOVE how you've interpreted my girlie's outfit!! :)

I've updated my bookmark with your new home!:)