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its craaazy, man.

I am so delighted that you all loved this week’s Vintage Monday image! I’ve gotten some great comments, pointing out little details and such that are unique to this era. This is what I love about the internet and blogs: everyone picks out something different. The diversity and ideas that I come across always just warms my heart immensely; I really appreciate the sense of community and fun we all seem to share.

Today has been a “catch up” day for me. Loads of emails, blogs and networking to go over. Orders to pack up for shipping tomorrow (the Post Office is going to hate me... lol!). Advertisement rates to inquire about and design for. So much to do, so little time! I was telling Mom this afternoon that working at this business, because of the multifaceted nature of a small, self-run enterprise, is like working at a full time job. Not a bad one at that either! I’m in charge of everything: from getting the word out, to staying in touch with customers, production, sales, shipping... Its amazing how many hats I have to wear at once. Yet its intensely satisfying; I love the self directed nature of being a small businesswoman.

I’ve been working like a crazy woman since yesterday to get some new designs made up and the acorn and squirrel pins restocked! I’m hoping by tomorrow to list the new acorn pins and the squirrels should be up on Wednesday. New listings will probably be up by early afternoon tomorrow.

the sloper saga III - front

the sloper saga III - back

I worked some more on the sloper on Saturday evening, cutting the entire piece out like I would if I were making a real bodice (sans the front or back opening because previous experience has told me that its tricky to pin those shut correctly!). Just a couple more notes with my red pen and its good to go! Now onto my arch-nemesis: the sleeve sloper. My mother could tell you hair-raising stories of me and sleeves. I hate them. If it weren’t for the fact that I like autumn and winter, I’d love nothing more than to live in a tropical climate where I didn’t have to wear sleeves!

ms. strawberry shortcake

My outfit for today reflects the annoyingly warm weather that is persisting! Both my mother and I have been lamenting the fact that we can’t break out our sweaters just yet. *sigh* I like summer, but autumn is needing to come now! lol.

Have a lovely evening, everyone!

cheers & creativity,
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Kelly said...

Oooo! I love, love, LOVE! the new bangle. The graphic quality of the letters is terrific - reminds me of bright, bold vintage advertisements (both paper and film), celebrating to excess the wonders of Technicolor. So fun!

"Working at this business, because of the multifaceted nature of a small, self-run enterprise, is like working at a full time job."

Something I've begun to realize myself - and I haven't even started yet! Although it's horrible that you had to be so ill, I suppose if you were going to take some time off school it couldn't have come at a better time; eh?

Marjorie said...

I agree with your description of the little cottage industry business entirely!! It's a full time job that you love doing!! :)

What dear and vivid bracelet!!

And I loved your posting with the 1840's gowns yesterday....I'm actually working on one right now!! eeep! : )

Sam said...

my favorite of the bangle bracelets thus far; i'm definitely a bright color person. :D

and yes, small businesses take so, so much time. and then you try to do other things that might be somewhat important, such as get into college, and you must abandon them for a bit. and that makes you feel quite sad and guilty. :(