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Thank you all for dropping by the Shoppe yesterday and snatched some of the squirrel and acorn pins up! There are still a few left, so if you had your eye on one, now is the time! I’ll be packaging and shipping the pins and sending them to their new homes Monday. Thank you so much for your support--it means a lot to me!

inking in progress

the dance

Lately I’ve been in a sketching mood. Actually, its more of a drawing/illustrative mood. I haven’t felt this overwhelming of a need to draw in so long; probably over a year. Its very therapeutic right now; just being able to sit quietly (or not-so-quietly since I usually have CurrentTV in the background...) and just engage with the paper and pencil. It reintroduces my love of research illustration styles and fashion; I’ve been pulling out many of my 19th century fashion plates looking over the designs, taking in details and trying to replicate the feel of these beautiful prints. I’m trying to challenge my idea of “drawing on a blank piece of paper” by using a thrifted, vintage ledger book with printed lines to sketch in. Its fun and exciting and frustrating all at once (like any creative process, isn’t it?!).

the blueberry shortcake

The sun is shining this afternoon, which is making me want to seize the day and get some work on that sloper done! I’m off to go confront my sloper fears and make an attempt! Wish me luck...

Have a lovely Thursday!!

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p.s. You know, I really love the internet and how it brings all kinds of people together and connects them! I was going through the stats for my blog the other day, seeing where recent traffic had come from, and found The Happy Cavalier blog. Its a beautiful, inspiring collection of design, art and culture--have a look!


sulu-design said...

The recent photos that you've posted of yourself are like out a fairy tale book. The lovely setting of your blue room and the gorgeous pieces you put together are so charming!

Marjorie said...

lovely ladies!! :) Your making me want to go sew!! :)

gilda said...

well hello miss draw-so-pretty, i love those illustrations!! they really are so pretty! i loved it! mine always end up cartoonish!