:: note from the sick one ::

california 2007 - 11

This is just a quick note to apologize for lack of posts! I'm back in Virgnia, but about halfway through my time in California I came down with a really nasty bug and I've been battling a high fever, dehydration, sore throat, etc. I'm on antibiotics right now, but its only been two days since I started on those, so I'm still not even feeling remotely human yet. Basically, ever since I got home from the airport (and it was only my great boyfriend who got my through the ordeal of being sick and flying!!), I've been sleeping.

Once I feel better I do have lots to catch up with y'all on; including boxes of vintage clothes my grandfather gave me (he used to be an antiques dealer). Hope everyone is doing well and hopefully I'll be feeling like my old self sometime soon.

cheers & creativity,
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sulu-design said...

Keep sleeping until you feel better! Be well.