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a colorful package...

Look what goodies came in the mail yesterday afternoon?!

new earrings!

Earrings I purchased from the lovely Susan of Sulu Design! Longtime readers will know I’ve linked to several pairs of Susan’s work in the past, and was so happy that I finally was able to buy a pair of my own Sulu Design earrings! This pair caught my eye as the perfect accompaniment to my autumn outfits, and it’ll just happen to go very well with a wild and abstract Anthropologie sweater I bought last year... If you’re looking for some unique and extremely well-crafted earrings, be sure to check out Susan’s work.

I'm feeling a bit fatigued today, but I have been slowly working on a new pattern for a garment design. I'll share the details with you tomorrow!

cheers & creativity,
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Marjorie said...

What lovely mail!! : ) Oh....and I ordered the catalogue for the upcoming Tasha Tudor auction! I can't wait to drool over all the 1820's and 30's gowns!! (I have a weakness for 1830's prints!) : )

casey said...

Oh! I just went and looked at the price for the catalog for the auction. Egads! Thats as much as the book for the MET's Poriet exhibit. lol. But it'll be totally worth it, so I'm going to order it. I just adore that period in fashion, so it'll be amazing to have all that wonderful goodness at my fingertips! :)

Thanks for your comment, btw...

sulu-design said...

Thanks for the sweet mention here. I wish I could hire you to take photos of my earrings - what a stunning job you did here. Enjoy!