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woah... is it already the end of july?! when did my summer suddenly take off at breakneck speed and now the looming specter of the autumn semester is just a month off? so what has little ol’ m.i.a. me been up to? lots and lots. the biggest change is that I quit my job at the restaurant and started working at my local joanns fabrics a day later. I’ve been working my little butt off ever since then: I just clocked in nearly 30 hours between friday and sunday! but that will hopefully wind down a bit in the coming weeks. so now I’m working around fabric and other crafty-goodness, which is sending lots of mischievious project ideas flitting through my head. lol.

a couple weeks ago I went to visit the boy for a four-day weekend together and to take a scuba diving class we had signed up for. he and I both share a love of the water, fascination with the discovery channel’s shark week (diving with sharks would be so amazing!!), have dreamt of diving, and it seemed like a great idea to take a class and get our diving certification (plus it goes towards something-or-the-other with the Navy; he told me what but I can’t remember. lol!). so now we’ve got our basics down, we just need to do five open water dives to get certified. it was so amazing to be underwater and experience what its like to breathe underwater and have all the gear strapped to your torso! its also probably one of the more expensive activities to break into, which is a bit of a problem for both of us, but we’re hatching plans on how to afford our gear over the long run. and I think there might be a set of pink fins, snorkle and mask in the near future for me! lol.

so what else have I been up to? sadly, not much! the whole working thing has really eaten my life this summer, which isn’t a bad thing considering I’ve got bills to pay. but still, I feel like I should have accomplished more this summer than what little I have. I do have some pictures and such to share, but I think I’ll save those for later in the week because I need to tear myself away from my computer and go pack! where am I off to now? a three day trip to new york city!! I’ve got two of my three outfits planned out, but that last one is completely eluding me! must find something new york city-worthy... lol.

have a lovely week all and I shall return with pictures, reports and a review of the paul poiret exhibit at the metropolitan museum of art!!

+ casey

p.s. a site update is in the works! check out the new look! (but be forewarned: not everything is up and running yet!)

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