inspiration [ week three ]

blue skies

I woke up this morning with a sore throat, achy tummy and general fatigue. It just got worse the rest of the morning and by the time my drawing class rolled around, I decided to just skip it because I wouldn’t get much work done anyway! So I’ve spent the afternoon catching up on some much-needed chat-time with my mum, redesigning my website (still under wraps!), listening to my indie mix on Windows, popping lots of (sickly) sweet throat lozenges in my mouth. Slow, lazy and good for what ails me. I’m not feeling even remotely better yet, but at least I’ve been babying myself all day! :)

Here are a handful of links that have been inspiring me lately--hope you find them the same!! :)

+ mmm... color and texture!
+ these sunglasses crack me up!
+ the playful storybook charm collection
+ perfect for those days when you want to be a kid again
+ going through the old entries at port2port
+ loving the simple message in this film
+ excited about the vintage button swap
+ loving the whimsical nature of this collection



leslie said...

hope you're feeling better soon and good for you for taking a little time off!

lisa s said...

hi casey,
hope you feel better....

thanks for popping by... i am intrigued by your national geographic collection :)

Connie said...

feel better soon

and thanks for sharing the links, i always love seeing the fun things that people find