the number five

My apologies for lack of any updates whatsoever over the past month!! Life has been completely topsy-turvey for me in so many ways that I got a little off balance and managed to abandon my blog for too long. I have so much to photograph and tell you all; thrifting has scored really well lately (all kinds exciting vintage stuff--much to the amusement of my boyfriend and jealousy of my girl friends! lol). I’ve also been working away on some spring/summer garments (now if only the weather would cooperate...). But for today, to get back into the swing of things, this is just going to be an inspiration post... because there have been so many things inspiring me lately online that I want to share!!

+ the delightful and whimsical fifi lapin who has excellent taste in designer wear
+ color never looked so tempting...
+ adoring the mix of odds and ends, textiles and papers to create this whimsical accessories
+ such a cute variation on the standard corkboard
+ making plans to try my hand at this colorful and funky dorset buttons to add to my vintage clothes
+ newest issue of the indie online 'zine n.e.e.t.
+ two "new" blogs by extremely inspiring and creative individuals
+ I just love that this spring/summer collection was inspired by silent films...
+ loving this unique jewelry fashioned from vintage elements

button... vintage scarf


Sarah said...

Welcome back Casey! I missed your musings ;)

cm said...

Yay, I'm glad you're back to posting! I like looking at your most recent creations and ideas. Browsing blogs like yours inspires me to go home and make something I'm proud of, too!

Carlene said...

Just as I'd discovered your blog, you disappeared; welcome back!

Casey said...

Thank you all for your warm welcomes back!! I have a post I'm cooking up right now; just need to wait for some sunshine to take some accompanying photos! :)

Eithne said...

glad to have you back!really missed your inspiration and chat!

sulu-design said...

Glad to see you're back. Your links are great - especially julieree - I just love that girl!