vintage valentine

a valentine a day [ day four ]
vintage valentine 05

I think this is probably one of my favorites in the whole bunch! Its a valentine that can be flattened or extend out to stand on its own. Very cute!! :)

[ I had an intelligent post in the works for today, but considering I'm quite tired, I'm not sure it would be coherant at this point! lol. Will post my weekly list of inspirational links tomorrow... ]


Vanessa said...

Where did these lovelies come from??? I love these old Valentine's

tongue in cheek said...

Cute cute cute cute a million times cute!!

Casey said...

Thank you both!!!! ♥

Vanessa: my grandfather used ot be an antiques dealer and decided a few years back to "retire" from that and let me go through his inventory before he liquidated it! I just wish now I had grabbed the other few bags of vintage paper goodies... :p

Sara said...

All the vintage Valentines are so adorable! I'll have to view your Look Book on style.com, too.