inspiration [ week one ]

01_25_07b 01_25_07a

Many other bloggers post regular “what has been inspiring me” entries. I run across so many inspiring images, ideas, etc. during the week, I thought that this would be not only a great way to share what has been catching my eye lately, but a way to catalog them for myself. lol. Enjoy. :)

+ beautiful, haunting and exquistely femenine
+ Joy’s week of beautiful guest blogging
+ light, airy, innocent looks that make me wish for summer
+ loving/coveting the mix of red prints and lace
+ a foursome of elegantly quirky ladies
+ simple, arts and crafts aesthetic captured perfectly
+ soaking in the details
+ listening to this makes me happy
+ a colorful reminder


lisa said...

thanks for the mention!! your list is fantastic. what would we do without flickr??

Connie said...

i love looking through other people's finds. thanks for sharing

mary said...

Love it...I need to get into more flickr searching myself...thanks for your inspiration!

Casey said...

Lisa: I agree--Flickr is such an amazing source of inspiration! :)

Connie & Mary: Thanks for your comments!! ♥

sulu-design said...

Love to see what inspires you!