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thank you stationary 01 thank you stationary 02

I photographed the bangle tutorial yesterday afternoon and it’ll be posted sometime tomorrow! As for other craftiness: I was wracking my brain about what to do for "thank you" notes to send to all the relatives and friends. I’m usually so bad about this and just never get around to it (I’m never quite sure how to go about properly writing a "thank you", but now I know), and note cards are so expensive... There are always excuses, right? So I dug out some card stock and my old box of rubber stamps. After sorting through the ones that just were no longer "me", I decided to use a simple fleur-de-lis along one side. Pulled out a tube of black acrylic artist’s paint and stamped away! The results are kind of distressed/letterpress look, which is exactly what I was going for. Now I just have to write them... lol.

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connie said...

beautiful and simple indeed. i like the rounded edge on the card stock