lending a hand

a pause

If you're active in the creative blog world outside of Live Journal, you may have run across the tragic story of the Kim family over the past week. Though I did not know this family, many people whose blogs I read on a regular basis did, and I also understand that Kati Kim is a very active supporter of indie craftspeople, which is something close to my heart. I have been praying for the past two days for Kati Kim and her two young daughters now fatherless, husbandless. Lisa Codingon over at her blog A Bird in Hand is going to try to be setting up some sort of fundraiser to help the family defray costs at this time. At this time of year I always try to pick out one charity to contribute something to in an effort to help those with less than myself. I think it is especially true to reaching out to the widow and fatherless. If you'd be interested in possibly helping, be sure to stay tuned to Lisa' blog. I know I will.

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