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Please excuse if this post is a little sparse and seems disjointed. I’m frightfully exhausted today; that last class was a drag and I stayed up far too late (considering I was already very tired) watching Amélie. So my brain is a little on the fuzzy side today!

The blog for the Kim Family Auction is now live, so be sure to check it out for updates. I have to say that I’m very, very humbled to be contributing along with such established, “rock star” artists and craftspeople! After I browsed through the list, I had a wee bit of panic--I feel like such the baby and newcomer (which I am... duh!), and don’t feel like I know what I’m doing. But, aside from my insecurities, I hope that this auction does really well and generates lots of interest in helping the Kim family. :) Here are a few sneak peeks at my cardinal bag in process and finished. These will be the last of what is shown until the auction goes up! (Well, I’ll give you a wee view of the finished squirrel bag as well... once that is finished!)

cardinal tote bag 06

I also appliqued and embroidered two additional bags. The ladybird one, which I mentioned briefly before, is for myself. She still needs a black felt head though... Otherwise, 90% done! The final bag is something I just dreamed up late at night as I was trying to go to sleep (that seems to be when most of my good ideas hit, so I keep a sketchpad and pencil handy); I don’t know why I did a falling apple. hehe. It says “yummy” on the back. I’m having far too much fun with these projects! I have to thank you all for the lovely comments and encouragement you’ve left on my entries lately. I’m starting to try to feel out the possibility of opening an Elegant Musings Designs shop, but its still very much in the baby-steps stage. I’ll keep you all posted as this one develops.

ladybird tote bag 02

apple tote bag 01

Lastly for today, pictures of a bracelet I made a month ago (I know--should have posted about it sooner!). I was inspired when I spotted these letter bangles at Anthropologie last month, but decided that I could do a similar job with some papers I had at home. So out came my 19th century papers stash and a pair of scissors (this hurt so much--I’ve never cut up any of my antique papers before! lol) and a few days later this emerged. I love it; its quirky and yet understated; plus it has that patina that only true antique papers have. I’ve had fun wearing it with my long pearl necklace wound around my wrist. :) I want to make another one, only using paper from a 1950s dictionary I bought at a thrift store recently. All those cool definitons and diagrams have to be put to good use!

antique papers bangle

P.S. I want to extend a warm welcome all of you that have been stopping by from the Kim Family Auction site. Feel free to make yourself at home, look around and comment if you'd like to! :)


annie said...

i love the bangles!
i remember seeing those at anthro too & thinking I could make those! how did you make the bangles though? it looks like decopauge would work.

Anonymous said...

The apple tree is fantastic. And did you decopauge that bangle? A tutorial would be great.