technology meets fashion

(via way of Style Bubble)

Note: nudity towards end of video; but doesn't interfere with the cool dresses at the middle

Hussien Chalayn's spring/summer show included several gowns that changed shape via little mechanisms. I'm just fascinate by the technology that power these garments; that it operates so smoothly and is intigrated into garments that don't all look terribly futuristic. Though they are certainly more novelties at this point in time, would it be possible to eventually have garments that do similar changes available to the mass market? Technology continues to get smaller and smaller (as evidenced by such micro-toys like the Razr phone and the Ipod Nano) and more able to intigrate into our daily lives. For instance Levis current Redwire jeans line which offers a built in docking cradle and control pad for your Ipod. Cool, no?

I just find this concept so fascinating, albiet just a little impractical for everyday (wouldn't want to get caught in a heavy downpour in a garment laced with wires!). But even with that in mind, I wouldn't be surprised if in the next decade intigration between technology and our clothes becomes more and more streamlined, common and afforable.

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